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Gaining Project Traction with Stakeholders: Strategies for Effective and Efficient Engagement

  • Wednesday, April 25, 2018
  • 9:00 AM - 4:00 PM (PDT)
  • Padilla Bay Reserve, Mt. Vernon
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When stakeholder engagement is not done thoughtfully, or breaks down altogether, projects can falter, budgets can implode, and the phone can ring off the hook - usually with an unhappy boss, elected official, or irate citizen on the other end!

This interactive, hands-on training will transform your ability to engage and communicate with stakeholders – both internally and externally - in ways that are efficient, meaningful and will help your project or program succeed. Stakeholder engagement is a crucial aspect of natural resource management. However, many resource managers, planners, and other professionals have either a limited understanding of how to engage stakeholders successfully and/or limited time and budget to do it effectively. Almost everyone has a story of a project that went sideways because of poorly planned or executed stakeholder engagement strategies.

In this class, you will learn about the increasingly important role that stakeholders play in ecosystem recovery efforts. You will also learn:

  • The building blocks of an effective stakeholder engagement plan and strategies for engaging stakeholders early and for sustained periods of time;
  • How to properly identify stakeholders and make distinctions between different “types” of stakeholders;
  • How to develop efficient, cost-effective strategies that are most effective for each stakeholder group, including whether to form citizens’ or technical advisory committees, and hold public meetings;
  • How to build trust by incorporating stakeholder input in project/program outcomes;
  • How to choose the most effective tools for the job and use it effectively - PowerPoint or glossy brochure? Traditional media or social media? Listserv or PSA? Workshop or public meeting?

This class is built around lessons learned from 20+ years of stakeholder engagement in the Salish Sea region and U.S. west coast. (6 CM credits)

Lunch is provided.

Instructors: Hilary Wilkinson and Sarah Brace have designed and implemented stakeholder engagement processes related to Salish Sea ecosystem recovery efforts for close to two decades. In 2008, they co-founded Veda Environmental, a firm dedicated to connecting the dots between science, policy and people in order to protect and restore ecosystems.  Sarah and Hilary design and deliver science communication and stakeholder engagement trainings to federal, state and industry representatives, most recently at the 2017 International Oil Spill Conference. Their audience also includes natural resource managers, scientists, and communications experts from public and private entities. Prior to founding Veda, Hilary and Sarah worked for local government (Hilary) and state (Hilary and Sarah) resource agencies leading public/stakeholder outreach efforts and science/technical advisory panels.

Washington State Department of Ecology 


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